What’s It Like Living With A Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 S AMG?

What's It Like Living With A Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 S AMG?
Before I bought this CLS 63 AMG S, I didnt find many videos on how much it cost to maintain. In this video I talk about insurance, gas and much more vlog style!
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What’s It Like Living With A Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 S AMG?

18 thoughts on “What’s It Like Living With A Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 S AMG?”

  1. Why do we see this again and again: some clueless dude w/ a do-rag who knows next to nada about cars thinking he's all BADASS because he has a badass car (which this car clearly is). Dude, here's a couple of newsflashes: #1: the car doesn't make you smart or cool, and that's because: #2: a monkey in a tuxedo is still a monkey.

  2. Bro those benzes all hesitate initially of the start has to do with the tranny I’ve owned numerous ones . BMW 650 has twin turbos and no hesitation.

  3. Every car will have turbo lag except a vehicle which has a third turbo i.e audi sq7 where the third turbo is actually an air compressor which spins the turbo without the use kf exhaust gases when the vehical is not moving thus decreasing the time for the turbo to spool up when accelerating

  4. So many people in the comment section saying hes flexing. This is a very informative video about the car and whats its like to live with the car. I dont understand the problem. People are just way too jealous these days. I'm currently driving a 2018 Mercedes c43 AMG and when random people see a 26 year old (me) driving a car like that u can tell they get jealous af. like its not my fault you broke af lol.

  5. Knows nothing about the car, has nothing to say about it, floors through neighborhoods, basically the worst car video I’ve ever seen

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