What’s inside a Mercedes S-Class Seat?

What's inside a Mercedes S-Class Seat?
We CUT OPEN the NICEST Seat in the WORLD!! See inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault: https://youtu.be/LZInLpR0ZM0

Thanks for sending us out and giving us a seat to cut open Mercedes! While they provided these things to cut open, all thoughts and opinions are true and my own.
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What’s inside a Mercedes S-Class Seat?

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  1. German engineering will put any other car company to shame. it's the reason why Porsche and Mercedes are the best of the best, and have cars that are built like tanks. My Mercedes ML 430 is coming up to 200k miles, someone else got it into an accident, and it's been off road plenty of times. Minus some things that are loose, the car drives like it's brand new.

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