Top 10 Amazing Class B Plus Motorhomes 2020

Top 10 Amazing Class B Plus Motorhomes 2020
Road trips with friends and family can unwind our mind from our hectic life and refresh our mind. If you want a fun and comfortable road trip, then class B plus motor home will be a great option for you. Class A, and C Motorhomes are very expensive and not fuel efficient, on the other hand Class B lacks comfort. While Class B plus Motorhome combines luxury with home comfort while providing superior mileage at an affordable price.

Best B Class Motorhome List: (Affiliate Link)
1. Leisure Travel Vans Serenity 15:02

2. Thor Motor Coach Compass 13:27

3. Pleasure-Way Plateau XLMB 12:02

4. Leisure Travel Vans Unity 10:26

5. Phoenix Cruiser 2351D 08:57

6. Pleasure-Way Plateau XLTS 07:38

7. Airstream Atlas 05:51

8. Gemini 23TW RUV 04:17

9. Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 02:42

10. Hobby OPTIMA DE LUXE T65 GE 00:52

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