The $200,000 Mercedes-AMG GTR Is the Ultimate Mercedes

The 0,000 Mercedes-AMG GTR Is the Ultimate Mercedes


The Mercedes-AMG GTR is the ultimate Mercedes-Benz. Today I’m reviewing the 2018 AMG GTR and I’m showing you why this 0,000 sports car is the ultimate Mercedes.

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The 0,000 Mercedes-AMG GTR Is the Ultimate Mercedes
2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R vs. 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo - Head 2 Head Ep. 92
On this episode of Head 2 Head presented by Tire Rack (, Jonny Lieberman and Randy Pobst examine two of the highest performing vehicles on sale today, and they’re both called GT-Rs. Or is that GT Rs? From Nissan comes the Nismo version of its long-running supercar. Power is unchanged for 2017—still a healthy 600 hp—but structurally, the body in white has been strengthened. This seemingly simple change pays huge dividends in terms of overall performance and is in line with Nissan’s mantra of gradual improvement. The AMG GT R, on the other hand, is pretty radical compared to the regular-strength GT S. Power is way up, the front and rear tracks are wider, the torque tube is carbon fiber, the gears in the twin clutch are different, the body is flared, and the exhaust, front splitter, side skirts, and carbon-fiber rear wing are brand-new. Let’s not forget the four-wheel steering. Each of these monsters was created to do damage to the Nürburgring, but how will they do in the twisted canyons of Southern California, as well as a slightly less formidable racetrack? Watch and find out!

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2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R vs. 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo – Head 2 Head Ep. 92

38 thoughts on “The $200,000 Mercedes-AMG GTR Is the Ultimate Mercedes”

  1. They use gps coordinates for parking locations when hiking. That's how MeetUp doesn't it anyway. My civic has a service angle for the hood lol.

  2. The feature with the daytime running lights is because in germany it is law to have them running as soon as you start the car, but they gave us the option to turn them off when the engine is not running, cause normally they would stay on till you lock up the car again 😉

  3. How is tow seats are draw back I think Doug doesn't like two seats because almost every of his videos with tow seats he doubles give it a good score but I personally love two seater vehicles but thanks to narrow minded people it doesn't has a chance

  4. I always see this car at Rallye Motors Mercedes, as I make deliveries at that dealership. I mesmerize at the AMG GT's outer design, and wonder what it would be like to drive it. Thank you Doug, for giving us an audible, test drive feel of the car.

  5. The AMG GTR is a mid engine car though it is put in the front. It’s so special because it puts the driver behind not front on any mid engine car.

  6. Doug the type of guy to be scared riding a vehicle that‘s labeled with a sticker tag that says „hell“

  7. I'd rather take the Nissan GT-R Nismo because it looks a bit better, it has AWD, 305 km/h top speed and more HP.

  8. V8 vs V6, imagine if nissan make the GTR V8, if you race them both in a race track with the same tires, Nissan would smoke that AMG! Mercedes obviously is more luxurious.

  9. Wow 😮, excellent. Its wonderful watching a video and with two guys in it just, quite simply, love cars.

  10. Like godzilla….the green benz ugly. Maybe 1 driver is heavier. GTR is a Harrison Ford. Benz is Justin Bieber. Benz sounds like it has congestion problems.

  11. I love watching this and thinking at the same time how my 650 hp. E46 325i turbo coupe would destroy both of these. 😀
    And I still have my leather interior, AC, electric windows and so on…

    BTW I don't know which one I would take.
    A big NISSAN and Mercedes fan here.

  12. I don’t like when they include packages to testing these cars, why don’t they just use base price? AMG has a tire and break package that puts it way over the Nissan for testing. Not shocked at all it won. Either way both awesome cars.

  13. Ridiculous odd. Once again, they've been paid to promote a car, and choose Nissan GTR to compare two different generations. They still have hard feelings against Godzilla for killing every single muscle car of his time.

  14. soo in top gear regular gtr is less than 1 sek slower than a ferrari enzo and here it`s slower than the car with the most happy back end …
    Edit : Oh yes .. 2017 .. the year where hatting GTR was a trend .

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