Should You Buy a New Mercedes-Benz C Class (2018/ 2019)

Should You Buy a New Mercedes-Benz C Class (2018/ 2019)
Hey Guys and Gals!
While my car is in the shop for some much needed TLC, I have been given the opportunity to review the band new 2018.5 Mercedes Benz C300. This car as tested after taxes is about k…. thats a lot of cheese!

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Keep it simple and relax, Take your time. I’m not responsible if you screw up and damage your car in anyway shape or form. TAKE YOUR TIME.


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Should You Buy a New Mercedes-Benz C Class (2018/ 2019)

16 thoughts on “Should You Buy a New Mercedes-Benz C Class (2018/ 2019)”

  1. yeah but bmw interiors are horrible and they drive horrible and i dont say it sales worldwide say it mercedes benz is better and now that they implemented their nicest features time for bmw to go out of bussines thanks!

  2. you reviewing the non led version…. the headlights and tailghts are completely different in the fully led version

  3. I just don’t like the looks of this generation of the C Class. The bar soap side profile bothers me as well as the droppy rear end. Also 4 cyl turbo MB engines sound like tractors.

  4. i was told a used 70k mercedes loses about 20 thousand once used, luxury cars take such a big hit guess since u can afford it means u will buy the next one so no need for this and boom goes price, i maybe wrong but yea. life is short buy wat u want just don't go broke

  5. I’m confused. This looks like the w205 from when it launched a few years back at least based on the interior and not the new 18/19 facelift? My w205 MY17 looks the same eg black wood trim, seat extender, and steering wheel without the touchpad or digital dash.

  6. I need that outside lining trim and the flexibility rack mounts I'm missing two, and wish I could buy the new brakes and that sexy muffler trim bumper piece and shoot a power trunk lol, I want it all darn it

  7. mercs are shit pal designed to fail in every way. ask them about their approved warranty's!!! you can purchase 1year at a time and if you claim they will refuse cover. I have w211 amg and its cost me 10s of thousands sorting it out.. just bought a 2015 rs5 with 4years warranty from audi. you cant do that at merc because they know their cars are shite..

  8. Question is what will it be like with say 50 to 100 thousand miles on it. What engine check lights will be regularly coming up ? what computer glitches ? what electrical problems ??…etc…etc…etc…like on previous after 2000 models.

  9. It appears you definitely are not "PRO" Mercedes… or maybe it's your weird annoying narrating style.

  10. I'm on my second W205 and this review is cringe worthy. I'll probably start my own review channel after this.

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