Picking Up Brand New Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

Picking Up Brand New Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series
BrianZuk goes along with a buddy to pick up his brand new white Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series from the dealership. The video shows the car starting up, driving, and revving along with angles of the exterior and interior. What a beautiful car!

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Picking Up Brand New Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series
NEW CAR: The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG!!
So here we have it, our new SLS AMG! Finished in Saphire Red, with various extras like the full carbon fibre pack, performance steering wheel, and the upgraded wheels. (More on the spec soon!) After driving the car once I was blown away, so expect a lot of videos featuring the new car very soon! Also, let me know what you think of the decision in the comments below!

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NEW CAR: The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG!!

27 thoughts on “Picking Up Brand New Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series”

  1. I find it ugly. Might just be the colour, it's what it can do which is nice though. Must be amazing to drive.

  2. Back is sexy, front is nice but hood is too long. As for the side am i the only one who feels the side looks.. incomplete? Take a good look at it

  3. i really fancy one of these but unfortunately i live in thailand and import tax is 200% so a little bit out of anyones league

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