5 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SL-Class Roadsters R107 Specs Documentary”

  1. This was the longest production  life span of any Mercedes This SL production life span was from 72 to 89

  2. This is the car that turned me on to the Mercedes brand. I was six years old and when I first sat in this car I was hooked to this day and Now Im 33 years of age and this is just a side note the R107 was in production for 17 years To think my first crush wasn't a girl it was a Mercedes 560 sl lol How pathetic but true and I loved her from the first moment I saw her I cant wait Untill I get one Great Review !

  3. 3:10 "In August of '89, the last SL of the type R107 rolled off the assembly line after over 8 years of production" ummmmmm try again, 1971 – 1989 does not equal 8 years.

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