Mercedes-Benz Service B – Technicians

Mercedes-Benz Service B - Technicians
Others might call it a routine service visit. But at Mercedes-Benz, Service B is when our highly skilled technicians do what they do best. With comprehensive training under their belts, as well as the use of the latest diagnostic tools and tests, they can help make certain that your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is running at optimal performance. When it comes to dedicated vehicle care, our technicians are committed to delivering a best or nothing experience.

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Mercedes-Benz Service B – Technicians

3 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Service B – Technicians”

  1. Mercedes may want to write a memo to your dealerships as there is false advertisement with B service. I have went to multiple locations and they are stating B service includes brake fluid exchange only if you have pre-paid service, but the websites does not state that. This means your Service Advisors are pushing for extra money, which should already be included in a B service. Nor does your video state that. If a full B service should include brake fluid exchange, then I bet there will be a lawsuit in the near future for false advertisement.

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