Mercedes B250e | Fully Charged

Mercedes B250e | Fully Charged
It’s just possible that this is close to an actual car review. Many thanks to the very generous Andy Seal who lent me the car for the day.
It truly is a very impressive machine with one rather major drawback.

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Mercedes B250e | Fully Charged

14 thoughts on “Mercedes B250e | Fully Charged”

  1. Drove 95 Miles on a single charge today ( not range extended ). I had to use E+ all the way and the outside temperature was between 16.5ºC and 23ºC. I've kept the car for another year, and this year I've started taking 150 mile journeys and accepting the 2hr recharge ( 11kw chargers are very common now ). Having used it for sub 50 mile journeys for 2 years, I'd forgotten what a great car it is on the motorway. However, all the comments about Rapid DC charge are spot on. I honestly think that if Mercedes had fitted Rapid DC charge, Tesla would have been very unhappy. A lot of people would be entirely happy with the comfort and performance of this car and wouldn't have ordered a Tesla. Just my opinion.

  2. IMHO this car is a real shame. All it needs to make it a massive seller is a 40kw battery coupled with CCS charging and it would fly out of the showrooms. Or perhaps Mercedes are just waiting on the side-lines, who knows!!!

  3. Easy answer to why they didnt put a fast charger , they are making a lot more money from selling Fossil fuel Cars especially AMG's.

  4. I suspect Daimler must have gotten a 'good deal' from Tesla for the EV portion of this car i.e. Tesla getting rid of some what Tesla considered relatively inefficient obsolete hardware..'dump it' off to Daimler in so doing clear their own inventory for newer more advanced better stuff while Daimler not seem too bothered of the shortcomings as their priorities back in 2014 then weren't that high into EV's compared with their diesel & petrol engined vehicles ? Coincidence or not it also appeared after 2014 year Daimler gotten rid of all their remaining shareholdings in Tesla..nice timing i.e. get this EV stuff from Tesla for the B250e then 'exited' from least 'gotten something back' from Tesla for all the money Daimler invested into Tesla just a few years earlier ?

  5. I honestly think that Mercedes intended this as a second household vehicle for a family. It's a perfect "mum car" for running errands in town, where you never have to drive very far and you will always end up plugged in at home during the night.
    Also this is the only way that the USA got the B-class. It stands out here in a subtle way because of that.

  6. Can you imagine the scene… there you are wandering down your local high street on a fine summer's Saturday afternoon, with all the traffic trundling along at a snail's pace (as usual). Only, hello…! What's that cacophony of lowing going on?? Oh, it's all those EVs' 'pedestrian warning sounds' playing – like an army of Alzheimer-suffering bag-pipe-players on valium… Can't we just have the natural peace and quiet of an EV motor to accompany our perambulations?! PLEASE?!!!

  7. Unbeliveable! Tesla can adapt their the standard Type 2 socket to do (very powerful) DC charging so why the hell can't Mercedes?!!! They could have even done a deal

  8. My biggest gripe with this vehicle? Is the I drove held no charge. No range. Hello RAC. Goodbye B250e

  9. HJere in Oz where these "leck-trickery" cars are considered the Devil's work by our famed anti-progressive government, charging stations are still a novelty. So much so that they are still free to charge.
    Which brings up a problem: They are frequented by everyday drivers who wont pay the cents it costs to charge up at home. So if you are stuck and need a charge to get home, chances are some noggin is hogging the charger to get his full charge.
    So the more expensive they are to publicly charge, the better! Charge at home where its cheap (or free if you have solar).

    As to the Merc, I see its a few years old now, so the lack of fast charge and the small range isn't an issue any more. But even so, 200 k's or so is ideal for a city car. Charge every night after work or overnight on "off-peak" rates. That way you have always got the maximum range when you get in the car each morning. (something which, even in a petrol car you cant have!).

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