20 thoughts on “Mercedes AMG GT3”

  1. $500K and it is yours. However, you will have to transport it on a truck between race rings and polygons as it is not street legal.
    Mercedes-AMG will soon announce a "black" version of GT R, which would probably weaker than this beast, but closer to it.

  2. Dude you've gotta get on the roads in this country to teach these shithead holden commodore and ford falcon drivers that they don't own the roads and their shitty so called 'v8 supercars' series is a wank fest.

  3. I love that car!!
    Fantastic sound too.
    But with that 6.3 L V8 why is it that much slower than a Bugatti Chiron?
    Anyway I don't think AMG must change much in the design.
    That fuselage is about one of the very sexiest I have ever seen.
    Only rivalled by some Aston Martin, Jaguars, hugh end BMWs and Porches I think

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