Here’s a Tour of a $150,000 Mercedes S-Class … From 1991

Here's a Tour of a 0,000 Mercedes S-Class ... From 1991


The 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL was the flagship model of the S-Class model range in 1991. Today I’m reviewing this W126 Mercedes 560SEL to show you what you got when you spent the equivalent of 0,000 on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the 1980s or early 1990s.

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Here’s a Tour of a 0,000 Mercedes S-Class … From 1991

20 thoughts on “Here’s a Tour of a $150,000 Mercedes S-Class … From 1991”

  1. I drove one these cars but it was the armoured version. Massively thick windscreen, the drivers window came down an inch for the matchbox thick windows. Armoured firewall, doors, behind rear seats from the trunk. Auto fire extinguishers plus oxygen for gas attack. Awesome car

  2. So funny Review… but a few tiny mistakes, this was back in its day, THE BEST CAR in the world, also a car like this has an cigar lighter not an cigarette lighter (this is true its in the german owners manual as cigar lighter.. XD), also with the transmission, if your Benz should get in motion in slow speeds you need to shift manual, otherwise the automat will always start in 2nd gear.The head light cleaning system is very useful, in nasty weather, back then without LED lights… that really did its trick I will never buy a car what won't has that(the newer cars will have high pressure washers systems) the 560 badge was more expensive because, it was made out of brass with chrome, and the trunk lid had 3 holes to mount the badge as far I remember correctly.

  3. My 91 Jeep XJ Laredo had keyless remote. It was the IR style and you had to be very close and point at the window itself but it had it so can’t see why that car didn’t have keyless.

  4. As an owner of a 2012 ML350 BlueTec and a friend of a 2014 S400 AMG owner I can say that modern Mercedes cars are bullshit compared to the legendary models of 1980-2000. (W123,W124,W126,W201,W210,W140)

  5. To make the headlight snow windshield wipers work you turn your headlights to the on position then pull the switch towards you to turn on the fog lights and use your windshield washers then they should turn on

  6. could the snow mode activate the headlight wipers? It would make sense that in a blizzard snow would build up on the headlights causing them to dim… just a thought.

  7. Is very interesting about the different honk sounds because German buses (Setra and Mercedes) of this time were the same!!

  8. Throw a modern sound system into it and I would prefer owning and driving this car over the current equivalent model.

  9. This was the best car I ever owned. It was so well built and durable. The worst part was the noise from the electric fan when the a/c was on in the heat yes loud

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