Don’t Buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van until you watch an honest perfectionist review Sprinter

Don't Buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van until you watch an honest perfectionist review Sprinter
OK…we have driven 4500 miles over 8-10 days and I have some feedback I’d love to share with you. This doesn’t go into too much detail about drivetrain or specs. Only the things that I love…and the few things that I would do differently and just outright dont care for on my 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 144″ Passenger Van. Hope you enjoy…not my usual VLog for sure!

Don’t Buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van until you watch an honest perfectionist review Sprinter
2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Expert Buyer Review: Watch This Before You Buy One!
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2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Expert Buyer Review: Watch This Before You Buy One!

30 thoughts on “Don’t Buy a Mercedes Sprinter Van until you watch an honest perfectionist review Sprinter”

  1. They have a good engine, but just be wary of the timing chain and the injectors. Both fail prematurely. The timing chain is at the back of the engine and is an expensive job, even more so if it fails. But that's just to let you know, not scare you. If the engine is the OM651 then this is true. Nice vehicles though, generally Mercedes make a good product.

  2. That cruise location. It's the same in the GLK… STUIPID… And dangerous. I think you should have checked out the competitors better. Like all of your complaints the transit aces. Plus the transit is cheaper.

  3. It has a timing belt instead of a chain. when the belt breaks while driving the valves will break the pistons since they interupt​ each other. That is when you will have to buy an ENTIRE NEW MOTOR!!!!!!!

  4. How to avoid diesel spilling on van? After fueling leave handle in filler neck and actually lift the hose up high to drain last bit. The way the gas pump hose curves will leave extra gas in pump hose. This not only will prevent drips but you’ll probably get an extra ounce or two of diesel trapped in the hose.
    Also I own a Sprinter that has plenty of miles and is reliable. Check out Zimaletta’s channel where he runs Sprinter vans and has one with a million + actual miles.
    You made a good choice with the Sprinter .

  5. Well for me I think the lock and unlock buttons are located in the middle of the car for safety reasons. Just in case someone wants to try and hijack the car by reaching over the window. And yes I know its still annoying. But you have to give and take some things right? It's not all bad

  6. The Mercedes is a over rated piece of shit! How can you compare apples to apples if you haven't been involved with others. The Ford Transit, ROCKS. Irrelevant to what you think since you know nothing about others… Just saying! Another dumb ass review when you know nothing about others. PERFECTIONIST? MY ASS!

  7. For #1 your are Ducking funny 😂, for #2 I think the german are wanting a revenge around the world, after Hitler couldn't take over the world, so they making these van to sucking up your pocket of who ever own these van for buying parts. Kkkaaa

  8. I don't know if you read these old video comments, I picked up a long/tall '16 and I'd say you got a deal!

    You'll have to add a limited slip, I wish it was an option.

  9. I agree, there doesnt seem to be much innovation with these vans anymore. All they seem to talk about is how great their anti-sway systems are (and they are great). I have a 2016 MB Metris that looses 5 min time per month (clock)… really? 😉

  10. How many people do you carry in there? For 50K you could have gotten a Honda Odyssey Elite which is much nicer with much better amenities. BTW all your gripes are caught here:

    Very similar van.

  11. Great video thank you. You made me laugh my ass off. P.s. Silicone that instead of putting clear tape. Good to go.

  12. I think maybe you should have bought the ugly van. The Germans are all about driving they don't care about cup holders and charging ports. I was an import car mechanic for 40 years and I absolutely despised working on German cars. On the bright side British cars are worse.

  13. It's ok to mention the negative things. That's what I am here for– to be an informed consumer. For those can't handle "negative" or facts, just tell them to move on. Nice video!

  14. Taken from the Russian Youtube
    The company bought a Mercedes AvtoVAZ plant.

    Reconfigured production, launching the conveyor …

    Bam! at the exit of the Zhiguli!

    They dismantled the equipment, drove a new one from Germany,

    set up, run.

    !!! again Zhiguli!

    Fired all the factory personnel, bring workers from Germany,

    establish, check, launch.

    SOTSOKO! At the exit again – Zhiguli!

    Near the factory there is a hill, on it rest the chief engineer and plant director

    (both with the prefix "ex"). They look at all this.

    Engineer to the Director:

    "And I told you, damn place!" And then everything "hands of ass, hands of

    assholes "…

  15. i drive one as delivery guy, super reliable but it is a 2006 model with over 900k km on the watch. Only real problem is the old handbrake…Would buy a new one directly

  16. Some people still remember to bring up the Chevy Express into the equation. But no one seems to remember the Nissan NV’s. Guess they are way too shit to be remembered

  17. I loved my Sprinter Sportsmobile conversion….however Mercedes neglected to establish a world class network of in dependent sprinter DIESEL shops. That leaves a person to limp mode to the next MB dealer and a repair bill that gives a person nosebleed. Even though the Chevy Express is shoddy work it is easy to repair from Anchorage to Miami.

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