16 thoughts on “Car Tech – 2014 Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive”

  1. You can pick this car up used with decent mileage for around 17k now days. Needs a facelift and a spec boost.

  2. I just test drove a used one and am seriously thinking of it for an around town car for a retired parent. The turning circle is absolutely unbelievably small!

  3. Is this made from their theorotical model from the late 90s, when GM killed their EV1? 28 kwh, 80miles and no supercharge? what a dissapointment.

  4. I absolutely love my black 14' Mercedes EV. It really fits my lifestyle. I drove it to my high school reunion last year for about 80 miles. And that was the longest distance I'd needed to drive. My typical day only requires about 25 miles of driving: dropping off and picking up kids at schools and running errands. On Saturdays, my husband drives my car and takes our 6 year old to the violin lesson which requires less than 50 miles. Charging is fast with our level 2 charger, and it costs very little because we have solar panels installed on our roof. We take my husband's gas car for any travels that require more than 90 miles. My husband is hoping to get his dream car–Tesla Model S in less than 2 years. I love my electric car!!

  5. I saw one of these for the first time today. The wheels look like plastic wheel covers and make it look like a cheap econobox. Otherwise I wouldn't mind having a B-Class… if only I could get it here in the USA with a gas or diesel engine and manual transmission!

  6. I am not sure what ideal condition means, but they probably mean driving on a flat road at about 25 mph and no air conditioning or heater.

  7. VW E-GOLF has more regen modes including a full coast mode, plus CCS fast charge as standard. And IMO the best looking of the 3 German EVs. As well as good driving dynamics and all the practicality of a normal Golf!

  8. Why not use a swap  & go battery pack. Swapping a flat battery pack for a fully charged one for some cash & no waiting around for batteries to recharge!

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