Buying a used Mercedes SL R230 – 2001-2011, Full Review with Common Issues

Buying a used Mercedes SL R230 - 2001-2011, Full Review with Common Issues
Buying a used Mercedes-Benz SL R230 – produced from 2001 to 2011

What is the best engine, which gearbox should you choose, what are the common problems with these cars? How powerful are the best engines? Watch the video and you will get answers to all these questions!

What to look for when buying a used Mercedes SL-class R 230 convertible advice / guide

used Mercedes SL R230 convertible review

Mercedes SL R230 buying advice

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Buying a used Mercedes SL R230 – 2001-2011, Full Review with Common Issues
SOLD - 1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster for sale by Auto Europa Naples MercedesExpert.c
Offered for sale is this extremely attractive R107 Roadster from Mercedes-Benz, a 1985 380SL in stunning Cabernet Red Metallic over Palomino, and with a mocha soft top. This immaculate convertible is in very good cosmetic and mechanical condition, has been pampered by two owners (last owner since 1993), and runs and drives beautifully.  This 1985 model came with the important double timing chain upgrade from the factory, and the 3.8 liter light alloy V8 runs smooth with plenty of power. The transmission shifts as it should, and the driving feel from this car is terrific.  The interior is in very good shape throughout, with dealer installed jump seats in the back.  The soft top is in excellent condition with clean fabric and clear windows, but the hard top is not with the vehicle. In every way, this SL is an excellent choice for driving or collecting, and the low 63K miles are evident throughout. Please phone us at (239) 649-7300 for sales information.

SOLD – 1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster for sale by Auto Europa Naples MercedesExpert.c

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  2. When hearing of the common and expensive problems of these Mercedes…if only they could lay that great-looking body over a simpler 60s car with a 350 and 4-speed!

  3. Thank you my friend, a very good video, I am looking at buying a 2005 SL350. Are they basicly a good car? reliable? It has a good service history buy mercedes dealership.

  4. Just buy an SL with full Mercedes dealership service history. Do your carfax to confirm the number of possible owners, make sure the hydraulic oils were changed regularly and never ever forget to track the maintenance of the timing chain. Once its not a flood or accident car, you should be relatively okay.

  5. But it is an unreliable piece of shit…. I saw a clean example, and it was still unreliable. THe roof had mood swings (would only open if it felt like it), and the boot just simply did not like me enough to open as well. Funny thing, just the previous day, both had worked fine

  6. Beautiful machine, easily the best designed SL since the gulwing. Yes it can be a pain to repair, but they are a fraction of what they cost originally & they still have massive presence on the road, it's simply a beautiful car with all the right design ingredients……it's 2018 & they still turn heads.
    The new aggressive front styled SL's will not age nearly as gracefully as these beauties have.

  7. Thanks for your prompt reply
    Given i live in an urban worked these days, with little chance of really stretching those SL500 legs,
    What if i bought a 2006 SL350 would i have a less complicate suspension car,
    albeit needing to watch the timing chain repalcment
    Appreciate you giving us all so much

  8. Thank you for your insights. Was just about to spend more for a 2006 SL
    Will consider your insights and ensure prospects pass those tests
    Am i better to buy say an excellent 2004 and hold onto the extra for potential repairs?

  9. If you have an SL as shown here with roof rattles.Check the buffer stops on the front side hinges with the top up they look like the ones the bonnet on most cars front edge rests on with rubber tops and locking nut that you can adjust up and to take up any slack that needs adjusting . If you look at the ones on the hinges and can see a gap between the rubber buffer and what it rests against get a business card put it between the gap slacken off the locknut and adjust the bolt with the rubber buffer on until its grabs your business card hard . Tighten up locking nut and give it a run round a bumpy side street and rattles should be gone [ mine did ] if not give it another adjustment .If you cant find the buffers I do have a photo of them I can send you [..The leaks in the back where on the early SL`s and need the rubber changing [ upgrade] where its leaking or the rubbers just may be need cleaning my email for pics Good luck

  10. This review was very helpful for me understanding my 2006 SL 500 . The 2006 SL 500 is my favorite out of the SL 500 . Thanks for the review

  11. I have issues with my SL 350 2003. The central lock system isn’t responding to my fobs and the key is not turning in the ignition. I tried every trick in the book but nothing works. I cant turn my car on now for a week.

  12. how dare you drive through that puddle at the end of your street, no longer pristine, now you must change your ad .

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