Buying a used Mercedes GL-class X164 – 2006-2012, Buying advice with Common Issues

Buying a used Mercedes GL-class X164 - 2006-2012, Buying advice with Common Issues
Buying a used Mercedes GL X164 – produced from 2006 to 2012

What is the best engine, which gearbox should you choose, what are the common problems with these cars? How powerful are the best engines? Watch the video and you will get answers to all these questions!

What to look for when buying a used Mercedes-Benz GL X164 SUV advice / guide

used Mercedes GL X164 SUV

used Mercedes GL review

But if you have more questions, you can write them into comments!

Mercedes GL 450, GL 500, GL 550, GL 320 CDI, GL 350 CDI BlueEfficiency, GL 350 CDI BlueTec, GL 420 CDI, GL 450 CDI


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Buying a used Mercedes GL-class X164 – 2006-2012, Buying advice with Common Issues
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Thank you to and for the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLS450. The next time you’re in Bellevue, Washington, please stop by!

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Mercedes-Benz’s renamed three-row SUV family is as big and bad as ever, now with updated powertrains and a lightly revised exterior. This family hauler seats seven adults and can swallow up to 94 cubic feet of cargo. The stately exterior and luxe interior do justice to the Mercedes-Benz name, and prodigious acceleration will strike fear into the hearts of lesser automobiles. Competition is stiff, but the GLS-class holds its own, which is why it earned a place among the 10 Best Trucks and SUVs.

GLS-class buyers are confronted with a choice between two powerful, competent powertrains, and either one provides ample motivation for this Benz brawler.
The base engine found in the GLS450 is a purring and muscular 362-hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6, while a stout 449-hp twin-turbo 4.7-liter V-8 powers the GLS550. Both engines pair with a nine-speed automatic transmission, which is optimized for highway cruising. The nine-speed shifts smoothly and rarely stumbles, but the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 is the real star—in our testing, it was as quick as the competition’s V-8s.

Watch This: 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 3-Row Luxury SUV Review on Everyman Driver

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  2. I have a 2008 GL320 CDI with full options. I purchased this vehicle new.   I bought extended warranty with vehicle otherwise the repair costs would have killed me. Replace steering rack, front airmatic struts, and both rear, replaced fuel pumps, oil cooler leaked and shorted out a bunch of components, replaced a/c compressor, replaced right side driver mirror when LED directional signal burned out, cracking front passenger wood trim, already on my fourth set of tires. I have little over 81K miles. But overall I love this SUV for function, roominess, power, handling, 7 people can sit comfortably, small footprint on the outside and big on the inside. Parking is very easy with this car.  Also the SUV has good range. With 26 gallon tank the best range in the city has been 550 miles, worst about 450 miles.  Range on the highway 720 miles and worse range 600 miles.  I perform all needed service and scheduled maintenance at the dealer.  I'm planning on holding on to the vehicle for another couple of years until I find a suitable replacement.

  3. Very informative and enjoyable videos. Any chance of videos of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin cars in the future?

  4. My 2009 GL550 has needed a power steering fluid reservoir and a rear hatch latch release in 122,000+ miles. I could not be happier with its reliability. Maintenance costs are high, but that's to be expected on a 6,000 pound Mercedes. It's still as solid and strong as ever.

  5. Hello there 🙂 your videosare all good and helpful BUT after wathcing all videos for SUV's NONE is good……then what we need to BUY :):) 🙂 Thank you

  6. There are hardly any problems with these cars including early versions. I have had a 2007 for years and it has been in essence faultless. Yes I have replaced a turbo pressure sensor (inexpensive) four airbags and shocks (normal for 244000 kilometers) and two sets of sway bar linkages. If you buy one of these find a decent non dealer based Mercedes specialist who is honest and you should enjoy these awesome machines just as I have. 
    Owned my 2007 GL320 for years, its been the most enjoyable car I've ever had and the longest I've kept a car. Where did the author of ths clip get your tripe from?

  7. I bought new GL 320 CDI 4Matic back to 2009 and never had a single bigger problem with it. Biggest issuse was clime control broke down once and thats all. With normal driver this car is more than legit daily driver. Its more like a street tank. Sold it 2 years ago and want it back every single day.

  8. this is my dream car .this video cant stop me from buying it next few days ,my case is dffnce by almighty.

  9. Pretty good report i own a 2011 with 114kmiles gl450 w 4matic with air matic all said is true. I think biggest issue is suspension not good enough for this size of car. I also believe the quality of the interior plastic could be much better. While running an audi a8 at same time with 250kmiles this air supension from audi is much better. My opionion big star and thin steel. Thats mercedes.

  10. Hello my friend: I have been your subscriber and fan. I watch your all videos and like them. Your videos are very informative. I suggest that kindly try to add some information about an approximate fixing cost when you mention about the problem in the car in your all the reviews. I understand that every country can have different fixing cost, but still, it will be a great help for someone who owns, drives, and considering to buy the car in your video. It is great that you mention the approximate value/purchase price of a car. I thank you for doing this great job.

  11. just in case anyone is actually looking to buy one of these, my mom bought a 2012 gl brand new and after one year of ownership, the window switches fell apart, the driver window stopped working, the parking sensors stopped working, and a myriad of computer issues came to be and the dealer's quote was $17,000 to fix everything. on a car that was barley a year old and had 8,000 miles on it. needless to say that car is no longer in our lives, but definitely beware of these cars.

  12. I have this and the thing I hate is the room in the back. Absolutely no fkn room for luggage with a full family inside this on trips. Been looking at the navigator lately and looks more promising and more comforting as well. Europeans don't seem to know our standards of a FULL SIZE SUV. The navigator just floats like a yacht while the benz is just a try hard performance Vehicle. This thing is as big as a newer 4Runner which the runner is considered a midsize. But of course everything is smaller in Europe and of course they have the autobahn. I just want the fam to float in comfort. Made a big mistake not look at the others. This is just a disappointment from Mercedes coming from someone who loves their brand

  13. You didn't show how much room you had in the third row as you did the second. Kinda important doing a review of three row suv.

  14. Too bad Mercedes doesn't have power recline or good headrests in the 2nd row. I thought this was an S class.

  15. Drove one as a rental. Drives good, great power for something that is fairly heavy. But I feel like Mercedes over engineered the interior. Most of the buttons are unnecessary. Definitely a good amount of body roll.

  16. Comparing this to the Audi 3.0 Q7, the Mercedes video only gives the basics. Makes it difficult to research.

  17. I have a question. So I have this exact same truck but I recently took it to get the light fixed after it was crashed. When i got it back the headlights were yellow but I think I remember them being white. Do they come white or yellow? Thanks

  18. Sir Dave on the low low., I have a custom mbusa build that's around 87k. These packages are standard in Volvo XC90. SMFH.
    By how much do u think I can get it down. I know 80k is realistic but I want my total price not to exceed $80K. This puts my budget around 75k plus tax and fee just a little over 80k. Is it possible to get almost 10k discount from the crooks at mb dealership?

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