2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van New-West VR Full Tour

2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4 Camper Van New-West VR Full Tour
Check out this fully converted 2018 Mercedes Sprinter. A big congratulations to my sister Cassie on the purchase of this epic van which commences the start of a new adventure travel the continent!
The NEW-WEST GRIZZLY is a Class B RV assembled on the 19½-foot Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4X4 chassis. This vehicle was designed for pleasure by the manufacturer. Therefore, the mechanical unit (engine, transmission , and axle ratio [differential]), are very cost-effective.

This vehicle with its outstanding design, spacious and comfortable, can be parked in spaces designed for passenger car

• Ample storage space
• Large surface table with low space requirement
• Dinette with folding seat
• Alcohol stove
• 13 300-BTU diesel heater
multi-zone with electronic control
• 4.3 cubic feet refrigerator with a 12-V compressor, stainless steel door
• 20-liters Dual energy stainless steel water heater
(heat exchanger and electric 120-V)
• Microwave
• Induction hot plate
• European-style large format ventilation unit with integrated shade
and mosquito netting
• European-style high-efficiency silent ventilation unit with integrated shade
and mosquito netting
• Variable speeds
• Adjustable lumbar support in both from seats
• One (1) 85-W monocrystalline solar panel with electronic regulator
• Two (2) 12-V auxiliary AGM leak-proof battery
• Electric sliding step (side door)
• Large mosquito netting on rear and side doors
• Fresh water tank
• Grey water tank
• Closed toilet/shower compartment with wash basin
• Portable toilet (detachable holding tank, easy maintenance)
• Outdoor shower, cold or hot water
• Front grille
• Long running board or footboard
• Air conditioning
• 17 – inch whells
• Three (3) 12-V auxiliary AGM leak-proof battery
2nd solar pannel
• Toilet and shower unit, with larger counter
• Stationary toilet
• Television

2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van New-West VR Full Tour
Reviewed: Is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 the Ultimate Overlander?
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Reviewed: Is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 the Ultimate Overlander?

28 thoughts on “2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van New-West VR Full Tour”

  1. Love sprinters but this is a bad design! That indoor shower is gonna mold up straight away. Things should be easy without too much bumbling about.

  2. This is the best van I have seen, and I have seen many, great work. Have a lot of good traveling from the Netherlands. That,s far away

  3. Could you give a little more detail about your shower setup? What does the draining system look like? I love the idea. Thank you!

  4. the most important to me and my family is a lot of people who you have any other way around the world cup in this country and the most important to country is a few years later and the best way to get a lot of people who you have any of the time when the most important thing is a lot to do with you guys and gals at

  5. I would buy one but. Guess what Toyota is King here when in comes to novice/ hardcore overlanding. Why because the parts are readily available.

  6. I bought a new 2015 2500 crew High roof 4×4. I average 13 mpg for my around town. It has been awesome all around. I did the 2" suspension lift by VanCompass and put 35" Toyo RT's. Still 13 plus mpg. A lot of people talk about the high cost to own. Not true. Yes the B service at 20k miles was $1,100 but other than that it is a $120 oil change every 10k miles. I love it. I get stopped every day by people that say how awesome it is. It was a $68 msrp but when trucks are that much anyway, I get the added benefit of fitting a 14'8" kayak in the back and can stand up in it. No truck does that. Love it!

  7. I'm sorry but it's 2018 and there is no way that it should be that complicated to engage four-wheel drive on any vehicle.

  8. Thanks guys. I was always curious about this vehicle and wanted some idea of what it would be like to do just what you showed. I know a lot of people would convert the interior for their personal choices of campers. Since that is what people do already with them, having the 4×4 option brings it to the next level of appreciation. Certainly cheaper to buy that and put in some personal camping accommodations than to buy a traditional camper and try and convert it to 4WD. 😉

  9. Looks look a great adventure van. The rear seats look like a ford transit seats absolutely terrible uncomfortable seats , ridden in some crew vans a few times lol.

  10. I thought you can order Nissan NV's the with Quigley packages? Either way, Sprinter 4×4's are pretty sweet.

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