2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review – better than an Audi A4? | What Car?

2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review - better than an Audi A4? | What Car?
The Mercedes C-Class faces brilliant direct rivals such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. Visit https://www.whatcar.com/mercedes-benz/c-class/saloon/deals/ to see how much we can save you on a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

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2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review – better than an Audi A4? | What Car?
5 motivos para considerar el Mercedes-Benz Clase C - AutoDinámico
Cotiza tu clase C aquí:

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5 motivos para considerar el Mercedes-Benz Clase C – AutoDinámico

24 thoughts on “2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon review – better than an Audi A4? | What Car?”

  1. lmao you prefer the A4.. just on interior quality and styling on the exterior and interior the c class blows the audi out of the water. The c 300 actually looks very nice and elegant compared to the newer model a4s that look like a plain old boxy sedan. it blends in with hondas and fords lol. One thing ill say is the audis upgraded instrument panel that is all digital is amazing. until mercedes puts the e class and s class's display the audi wins on that front for sure.

  2. The c class interior is wayyyy nicer than the bmw. and i would wager its the best in class hands down. They keep alot of materials from higher level models as well. since 2014 mercedes have been at the top of the game when it comes to quality interiors.

  3. Really good precise reviews,straight to the point.Well done.Most reviews i watch on here are totally confusing.

  4. Amg suspension is stiff…try airmatic..iys not another car more comfortable in its segment then the Cclass especialy with air suspension

  5. No change in different drive mode's, dude, you'r full of sh*t. Bad steering? wtf :')

    The first car in the segment to come with optional airmatic. The changes between comfortable and sport+ are IMMENSE, especially with airmatic, and here comes this guy…

    I have watched almost every review on this car in all four languages I speak, and this is the first time I hear this utter BS.

  6. Si, pero no el c180, la neta ese se ve austero con esos rines tan feos y faros de halogeno al menos hasta el 2017 y creo que menos de 160 hp. Mejor ahorrale y vete por un c200 sport o un c250

  7. Cual seria mejor un clase c o un jaguar xe ya que estoy por comprar me un vehículo y estoy indeciso siempre he tenido bmw y ahora no se si cambiar o mantenerme con esa marca

  8. Mmm un cuatro cilindros que gasta cómo 8…me quedo con mi c63amg viejito gasta lo mismo que este y es un 8cilindros amg con todo el punch aunquesea 2010

  9. hola gabo, no estoy seguro, quiero comprar un auto empezando el año 2019 en enero, sin embargo, no se si irme por el clase C o elegir un auto mas barato como el kia optima, mazda 6 o malibu, cual es tu recomendación, me quedo con el clase c o me voy por algún otro de los mencionados?

  10. Geniales vídeos! Tengo un BMW 320d M-line y muy contento. A la hora de cambiar, merece la pena un Mercedes C AMG Line o Audi A5? O repetirías BMW?

  11. hola gabo, una pregunta, este nuevo clase c 2018 acaba de cambiar la linea o esta proximo a cambiar? quiero saber si esperarme al nuevo diseño o le falta buen rato

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