2016 Mercedes Benz C Class C200 Drive and Review Test 2015 Car Wash

2016 Mercedes Benz C Class C200 Drive and Review Test 2015 Car Wash
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Today I decided to wash my car which is the new Mercedes C Class. I show you how the car drives and mainly how nice it looks and feels. It’s a Mercedes C200 with a 2 liter engine which produces 184hp. Have a look at the before and after the wash parts. I hope you guys like the video. For more, follow my Channel and press the like button! Thanks for watching!

This car is a real cruiser machine. Especially in comfort mode. It drives so smooth. In Sport plus mode it turns into a sports beast with the time of gear changes decreased by 20% compared to sport mode.

On the road I usually see many Mercedes CLA models. I think they look nice, but there is almost no space in the back seats.

Update: Check out the new Mercedes E Class. It will release in 2016. The center console is integrated in the dashboard.

Options on my Mercedes:
– Command Online Navigation System
– AMG line exterior and interior
– Distronic Plus with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Steering Assist
– Panoramic Sunroof
– Ambient Lighting interior
– Ventilated and heated seats
– LED intelligent light sytem
– AIRMATIC Suspension
– Park assist
– Head up display
– Keyless – Go Comfort
– Burmester Surround Sound System
– Memory seats
– Thermotronic airco
– Airbalance Parfume

2016 Mercedes Benz C Class C200 Drive and Review Test 2015 Car Wash
2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan – Safety
The all-new C-Class is the result of a combination of advanced materials, intelligently applied engineering skills, innovative occupant protection and assistant systems. With its numerous groundbreaking technologies, Mercedes-Benz is continuously setting new standards in the field of vehicle safety. The new C-Class, the best knows no alternative.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan – Safety

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  2. Hello, I'm looking this model and class with DELPHI engine, it's up too 169 kw? It's will be amazing start up's 🙂

  3. beautiful car, my dad picks up a 220d estate amg line. black on black on thursday. he is soooo excited. :-)))))))

  4. at 2:00 when the pedestrian comes up.. yeah it will break for you, but what about the car behind you when it hits you? man that would suck… because you brake on time, but will be hitting the person anyway

  5. So, when my dad did a power slide in the AMG and the seat belts tightened, we almost crashed? Well, we're not doing that again! XD

  6. Their computer system is showing simulating how to engineer for the safety tests but they ought to simulate actual accidents too.

  7. Wow, amazing, where we've come today in the automotive industry, and Mercedes-Benz is right at the top of the ladder without a doubt as per usual.

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