🔴NFS World FRSS: Double Elimination Mitsu Evo & Audi R8 S Class Tournament #2

🔴NFS World FRSS: Double Elimination Mitsu Evo & Audi R8 S Class Tournament #2
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🔴”Double Elimination Mitsu Evo & Audi R8 S Class Tournament #2″ Bracket: https://challonge.com/uwoc9w1f
🔴Copy & Paste of this tourney’s info & rules from the FRSS Discord server:

-Double Elimination Mitsu Evo & Audi R8 S Class Tournament #2-

To be held on February 23rd (Sunday) 2020 at 2 PM CST/8 PM GMT/February 24th 2 AM OMST on the FRSS server.

You can register in #tourney-sign-up channel until February 23rd, 1 PM CST/7 PM GMT/February 24th 1 AM OMST. Limit of participants is 8.

-Once the registration deadline is reached (one hour before the tourney starts), I will send in-game friend requests to the participants, you must accept them so I can add you to an in-game group. Accept friend requests from ‘GRIMBMW’ driver profile.
-Hacking is obviously prohibited.
-Any and all S class Mitsu Evos and Audi R8s are allowed no matter what they are (Evo 8 or 9/ R8 4.2, 5.2, or LMS), no matter what perf parts you used to get them to the said classes, and you can use as many as you want to during the tournament. Any other different cars are prohibited.
-Performance mods are allowed.
-Skill mods are allowed.
-You can change the visuals of your car (paints, vinyls, etc.).
-You can use any power-up at any time as long as you don’t use a hack to spam them.
-Leaving any race intentionally will result in a disqualification.
-Waiting at the finish line is prohibited.

How will the tournament take place:
The Evos and Audis can be used in any and all rounds, and participants can opt to go for an Evo vs. Audi race during a round’s duel.

All tournament races will be 1 on 1 but they will have a ‘referee’, person who is in the race just to watch the duel between the two participants. The referee must make sure the rules are respected. For the first two rounds (or just first one if there are less participants), the referee will pick a track (must be a Sprint or Circuit), create the Private Match for each race and invite the two participants as the bracket (TBD after registration deadline) suggests. For Semi-Finals and Finals, best of 3 system will be used instead of having to win just a single race to advance in the next round (or win the tourney if it’s a final). Here, each participant can pick a track and do the invite. If a tie happens, there will be a 3rd race between the two participants and the referee will pick the track for them. I will be the referee in most races since I’m organizing and livestreaming this and there will be only one race taking place at a given time, but since I want to participate as well, someone else may be the referee of the races I’m in.

The tournament will be broadcasted here:

Contact me for any question about this tournament.

Sign-Up application (for #tourney-sign-up):

In-game driver profile name
Your crew (if any)