Verstappen is Overrated – Ricciardo ‘Blackmailed’ Red Bull – F1 Wants 2 Races in US & China

Verstappen is Overrated - Ricciardo 'Blackmailed' Red Bull - F1 Wants 2 Races in US & China
0:08 – Verstappen is Overrated
1:18 – Ricciardo Blackmailed Red Bull
2:23 – Ricciardo Relishes “Little Win”
2:56 – F1 Wants 2 Races in US & China
3:48 – Mercedes to Suffer Consequences
4:45 – Alonso “I Have Many More Years”
5:43 – Fast Feed
6:33 – Fans React

Verstappen is Overrated

Max Verstappen’s 2018 season has been filled with many downs and as such, the media have been repeatedly questioning him about the reasons for his current form. Verstappen, clearly frustrated responded in the pre race press conference that if he is asked about his current form again that he will “headbutt someone”.

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve didn’t like the way Max handled himself and began a rant about how bad he looks as a driver.

“The journalist’s role is to report facts, even if Verstappen answered the question a hundred times. The responsibility of the driver is to answer – if the question is justified. But Verstappen had no right to take offence and react in that way.”

“You need to be aware of your mistakes in order to progress, and he has not done that. Instead, he showed a lack of respect and education.”

“In some ways, he is still a child. He was dragged out of the cradle and put into a car. That’s probably why he is not at Ricciardo’s level and even looks bad. If Red Bull considers him to be the future, he must beat his teammate. In the meantime, the opposite is true. He is overrated.”

Ricciardo Blackmailed Red Bull

Neither Lewis Hamilton nor Daniel Ricciardo have signed a contract for next season and recently Mercedes non-executive chairman, Niki Lauda, and Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko were sat down together and began discussing the situation.

“I hope that finally gets signed. Because Ricciardo says that, as long as Hamilton is not yet contracted to Mercedes, he also does not want to sign. It’s a bit strange!”

And it didn’t take long for Lauda, in his usual fashion, to respond saying that Red Bull are being blackmailed by Ricciardo and suggested they aren’t interested in the Aussie driver.

“Ricciardo blackmailed you with Hamilton, who has not yet signed! What Hamilton gets, he cannot get anyway. So, we have not made him an offer.”

Ricciardo Relishes “Little Win”

The 2018 championship is a close battle with multiple drivers potentially in the mix. While Daniel Ricciardo is aware he is a long shot for the title, he also appreciates the small victories he can take along way, as he expressed about beating Hamilton at the Canadian Grand Prix.

“I don’t know if Lewis had issues this weekend, but this is normally a really strong track for him. It’s normally a strong track for Mercedes. So for us to take a few points away, I think it’s a little win and gives us a lot of encouragement coming in for the next few races.”

F1 Wants 2 Races in US & China

F1 CEO Chase Carey wants to expand to destination cities around the world but also mentioned that he wants to host multiple Grand Prix in larger countries such as the US and China.

“Our focus is that we want to make sure that the events we have, we want to make as strong as they can be. China and the US are the two biggest economies in the world, and they’re two places where we’ve just scratched the surface of the potential of the sport.”

Mercedes to Suffer Consequences

Mercedes went into Canada as favourites after dominating at the circuit for the past several years, but they left very much on the back foot as they failed to qualify on pole and finished 2nd and 5th place in the race.

Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda was upfront about their comparative decline in performance.

“Ferrari had the better car, the better engine and the better fuel consumption. They overtook us in the areas we were ahead. Now something has to happen in every area. We were number 1 in fuel consumption, and now Ferrari and Renault can do better than us.”

Alonso “I Have Many More Years”

There is growing speculation over Fernando Alonso’s future in F1 as poor results and an underperforming car continue to keep him down. But the two time world champion knows that while his recent years haven’t seen his best results, F1 is still the pinnacle of motorsport.

“It’s obviously the top series in motorsport. It’s where we all dream to come one day when we are go-kart drivers. I already signed with McLaren last year. It is a multi-year contract. I have many more years here.”

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Verstappen is Overrated – Ricciardo ‘Blackmailed’ Red Bull – F1 Wants 2 Races in US & China