Mercedes-Benz SL 600 V12 – "Chris Drives Cars" Video Test Drive

Mercedes-Benz SL 600 V12 – "Chris Drives Cars" Video Test Drive


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Chris Moran is a certifiable gearhead. Since childhood, Chris has been obsessed with cars of all kinds. These days, he hosts “Chris Drives Cars” which showcases unique and exceptional cars of all kinds. On the channel, you’ll see vehicles from Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, McLaren, Audi, and many more. Focusing on the experience of the vehicle, Chris gets in depth in ways most hosts won’t. Test drives are always filmed to capture the feeling of being behind the wheel, capturing the sights and sounds of piloting each vehicle.
Mercedes-Benz SL 600 V12 - "Chris Drives Cars" Video Test Drive

3 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz SL 600 V12 – "Chris Drives Cars" Video Test Drive

  1. I just got a 2005 SL 600 with the (AMG body option). Words fail me. My last fast car was a 2006 CTS-V (I owned from new) into which I had installed a 6.7L C5-R motor built by Katech. The Benz puts it to shame in every sense save absolute grip (I was hitting 1.2g in the V), which can be remedied, though I probably won’t. .9g is plenty for me nowadays.

  2. I own one of these cars, and it really is like you had a buddy break into the airport, and steal an engine off a 747 and install under your hood. There is nothing that compares, just about the only thing that can keep up with this car would be a Lamborghini … all this in the most luxurious comfort and unparalleled safety you can imagine. Easy as thinking about it for a few moments, and you're going well over 100MPH and didn't step on the gas even half way down!! Car cost $135,000 when new. SO glad I bought mine. It's never taken out in the rain. I have a Mercedes SUV for that.

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