Mercedes Concept EQV – First Video Walk Around

Mercedes Concept EQV – First Video Walk Around

A luxury van goes electric – with more room and more versatility than any other battery-powered vehicle. At least it will go electric soon. But see all about the electric Mercedes V-Class for yourself
Mercedes Concept EQV - First Video Walk Around

3 thoughts on “Mercedes Concept EQV – First Video Walk Around

  1. I heard from a London cabbie (so it must be true) last year that Mercedes was rumoured to be testing a number of EV Vito mules in the city. I assume EQV is the proposed production version of that. In London at least this will sell like hot cakes as Vitos are extremely popular and operators will save a ton of money in fuel, maintenance and emission zone tariffs. In turn, they'll reduce noise/fuel pollution and CO2 emissions. What's not to like?

  2. Why on Earth would you want to go 120mph (200kph) in a V Class, just pointless. Much better to have worked on the range. Apart from the short wheelbase version, the mid and long wheelbases are used almost exclusively by taxis and chauffeurs who drive hundreds of miles per day. It is pretty much a standard V Class with the same style over function layout, long stretches for buttons, tiny infotainment screen and inflexible seating (try taking them out). I doubt the inadequate ventilation has been changed either. I was hoping it would be a lot better than this 5/10

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