[4K] 築夢踏實 Mercedes-Benz E 200 Avantgarde-TCar

[4K] 築夢踏實 Mercedes-Benz E 200 Avantgarde-TCar

【E 200 Avantgarde 試駕報告】:

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[4K] 築夢踏實 Mercedes-Benz E 200 Avantgarde-TCar
2019 Mercedes CLS 450 - An E-Class Styling Exercise
The Mercedes CLS is arguably the car that started the “four door coupe” styling trend. (I know, it has two too many doors to be called a coupe). Now in it’s third generation the CLS has another trick up it’s sleeve: a standard hybrid system. Although this hybrid (or mild hybrid, whatever you want to call it) cannot drive the car on the motor alone, it does provide a horsepower and torque boost at certain RPMs and most importantly allows the air conditioning to run while at stoplights, something you can’t do in most “mild hybrids” out there. The result is an efficient luxury sedan that trades practicality for style. The only downside? Mercedes makes an E 450 that’s basically a more practical CLS with an MSRP ,000 less…

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2019 Mercedes CLS 450 – An E-Class Styling Exercise

28 thoughts on “[4K] 築夢踏實 Mercedes-Benz E 200 Avantgarde-TCar”

  1. 台灣benz特別貴,税比香港低,但價錢更貴,

  2. 以前網路上一堆腦殘吹噓BMW多好多好


    如今 C300已經變成一種信念 總代理本來沒進 因為看到水貨商賣太好才進

  3. waiting on that comparison between the new a7 and this cls…the germans are bringing their a game this generation cycle

  4. explicit reviews as always. Mercedes sure knows how to craft an interior (I really love that steering wheel design).

  5. Great review and beautiful car! It’s just a shame that cars like these are out of reach affordability wise for most people.

  6. To my mind, the aesthetics of this model (unlike models in the past) don't really make a case for this car over the E-class. Also I imagine I'm not the only person who thinks those air vents are overwrought. I wouldn't mind a bit of a return to staid German design, at least in the interior.

  7. Not sure if your size chart is accurate… CLS is 196.7", BMW 5 series is 194.6"… so bimmer is 2" shorter yet it's put way farther towards the "bigger" on your chart. In reality all cars from CLS to G80 are within 2" of each other and should be grouped together

  8. They can call it a coupe until they're face turns blue, but it is still just a fast back sedan.

  9. Imo the term "coupe" should be reserved for 2-door sport sedans. Some brands are calling so many cars coupes, even vehicles you would think looked more like SUVs or crossovers. This car for example should be a sedan or sport sedan.

  10. I’ll be in the minority but I like it. I definitely like it more than the second generation with those pontoon fenders. With better rims than the one he tested this is a good looking vehicle.

  11. One of the best looking cars ever. The first gen one was what got me interested in Mercedes and made me want to get one.

  12. I much prefer the prior gen to this. Not attractive or special in any way like the first gen CLS. Reminds me too much of the A Class which isn't a compliment. Shame

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