2019 Mercedes G-Class – Making Of

2019 Mercedes G-Class - Making Of
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Legend, updated.
Experience the new G-Class. Made from unique DNA. Built for extreme challenges. Ready to create history.

The new G-Class in action.
Follow the new G-Class to the origin of its strengths, and find out what makes the off-road legend so special: unparalleled off-road capabilities, markedly improved on-road performance and a unique design.

Off the road.
For generations, the interaction between the robust ladder-type frame, low-range gear ratio and the three differential locks have made the G-Class an off-road icon.

Improved off-road performance.
Experience the new G-Class in action off-road.

On the road.
The G-Class also displays its strengths in the city: The new G-Class unites extraordinary strengths and precise driving characteristics to form a unique experience.

Improved on-road performance.
The new G-Class captivates on account of the newly developed independent wheel suspension at the front, precise direct-steer system and an optional suspension with adaptive adjustable damping.

On-road highlights.
Be it in city traffic, on country roads or motorways – the off-roader captivates on any ground with exceptional performance.

In timeless design.
The new G-Class retains its characteristic design with its edges and corners, even though the entire vehicle has been almost completely redesigned.

Timeless design.
With all its power, imposing nature and driving pleasure off-road and in the city, the G-Class is always one thing in particular: a unique design object.

Hand-crafted details.
Numerous details of every individual G-Class are lovingly hand-made in Graz, using the finest materials.

Powering the G550 base model is a 416-hp, 450-lb-ft of torque twin-turbo V-8 that delivers an EPA-rated 13/14 mpg city/highway. The same engine powers the lifted G550 4×42 model, but that version delivers 11/11 mpg. The AMG G63 is powered by 5.5-liter V-8 that churns out 563 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque and is rated at 12/14 mpg. The range-topping AMG G65 packs a big 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12 that produces a whopping 621 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque and delivers 11/13 mpg. All models come standard with permanent four-wheel drive (with a two-speed transfer case and three locking differentials) and a seven-speed automatic transmission. The G550 4×42 has an incredible 17.2 inches of ground clearance.

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Glass comes standard with a dual side-exit exhaust system, 19-inch AMG wheels, stainless-steel brush guard, LED daytime running lights, Nappa leather upholstery, 10-way power heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, interior ambient lighting, Comand multimedia system with central controller and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Available features for the G-Class lineup include an AMG Sport exhaust system, an AMG high-performance braking system, 21-inch AMG wheels, Nappa/Dinamica AMG Performance steering wheel, Designo wood trim, a Dinamica Interior Package, an AMG Night package, and a rear seat entertainment system. The G550 4×42 comes standard with 22-inch wheels, wide wheel arches, two-tone paint, portal axles with red suspension springs, stainless steel undercarriage skid plates, AMG carbon fiber trim, and seats and doors panels in Dinamica microfiber with diamond stitching.


The G-Class lineup comes standard with adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, Parking Assist Parktronic (front and rear parking sensors), rearview camera, trailer stability assist, and an illuminated entry system. The G-Class does not have any additional driver assist safety features available.

What We Think

In a three-way comparison among highly capable and expensive off-road SUVs, the AMG G65 came in third: “Although the Mercedes G550 handled everything, we agreed that its poor observed fuel economy, propensity to scrape expensive mechanical bits off-road, and white-knuckle handling characteristics both on the road and in the snow should put this endearing European in third.”

In a First Drive review of the refreshed G550, we liked the power from the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 and the decent ride quality, but the on-road driving dynamics are poor. We enjoyed the G-Glass’ luxury and said, “Part of the G-Wagen’s mountain-crushing weight is all the sound-deadening material they’ve crammed into it over the years. Thanks to that it’s actually pretty comfortable and quiet inside despite the big tires, truck frame, and barn-inspired aerodynamic profile. The leather is absurdly rich for the vehicle, the seats are comfortable and supportive.”
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2019 Mercedes G-Class – Making Of

20 thoughts on “2019 Mercedes G-Class – Making Of”

  1. This now looks like a Land Rover. The biggest fail is the exterior. The whole appeal was its boxiness.

  2. أخيرا ماشي هزة ولا نفضة في المقود تم ازالة المشكلة نهائيا فرحة للعمانيين أولا كون الجي مستخدم قديما في عمان و الإماراتيين كون تستخدم بكثرة حديثا

  3. Is the A pillar b pillar reinforced? A famous Korean actor also died of a weak pillar. 30 years ago, design classics are good, but it is a big mistake to get a high performance version without compromising safety.

  4. As a simple mortal that drives a first edition of a G class these are my thoughts about this edition:

    Too much electronic dependance is no good for serious globe trotting.
    1.- No more Pure or Professional edition?.
    2.- No more Military edition?

    Design lifespan
    Too trendy technologhy, this model won't be rolling in 30 yrs+ like nowadays.
    1- Cheap Tunning headlights type…not good. I'am sure up close are great,.. but this is a G class. Probably you will be changing them for the next year.
    2.- Rounded edges? in the entire car?…rounded side mirrors in a semi square car?
    3.- That pointed nose…nope…i'am sure that is far better for aerodynamics but still no.
    4.- Stearing wheel…you've missed the four points.
    4.- I do like the glasses with a naked edge.

    Awesome for another type of Jeep or Chrysler.
    1.- Seems wonderfully nowadays mainstream vehicle…again trendy.

    Having said this, i think it is a wonderful city car.
    This is like when Metallica step into mainstream music near the 90's.. they gain some new easy crowd and they loose the fans that make them exist in the first place.

  5. commercial at the beginning is stolen from Land cruiser 200 "born from earth" addvertisment 2008.

  6. How fucking annoying to watch a video in both English and German !
    Do they think we’re all multilingual or something ! 😠

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