11 thoughts on “2019 Mercedes-Benz G Class | Quick Spin”

  1. G-wagons in Los Angeles are like Ford pickups in Montana…..they’re EVERYWHERE. Very nice suv, on any given day, I’ll see 30-40 of them around Calabasas and Malibu. Beverly Hills? Even more. …….and they’re mostly the AMG versions. No “cheaping out” in L.A.!!!

  2. These are the "real deal" SUV. They are obscenely expensive, though. I bought one new in the early 90's but it was a two door with a manual, diesel engine and cloth seats. Not nearly this expensive (or nice). Really good truck. Obviously not in the US.

  3. I am not type of guy who would spend a lot of money on vehicle but G class is probably one exception next to 911 if I ever win the lottery.

  4. The G Wagon; When offroading does $37,400.00 in damages to your $140,000.00 'truck' instantly making it worth under $26,000.00 after repairs.

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